Process Improvement Assignment (Individual), (Use any company if you can't disclose your company)...


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Process Improvement Assignment (Individual), (Use any company if you can't disclose your company).
This individual assignment involves field work and requires documenting and reviewing a common process within an existing organization. The process selected for study must be an ongoing process and provide challenges and potential for process improvement. Although students have wide latitude in selecting which processes they would like to select, the instructor may help in suggesting processes for study.
Complete the following six items for the process selected
1.Provide background information on the organization and the process selected. Explain why you selected the process for study.
2.Document and flowchart the existing process. You may use a software tool for flowcharting.
3.Identify measures that you would use to determine the baseline performance for the current process.
4.Research the Web for benchmark information on the selected process. Summarize your research findings. Identify the sources and best practices that could be transferred to your redesigned process in Item 5.
5.Identify opportunities for improving the present process and flowchart your new process. Use the results of Item 4 in new design.
6.Identify control measures that you would use at key points within the new process to assure the process is operating properly. Explain why selected.
This assignment should not exceed 8-10 typed, double-spaced, 12-point font pages. In submitting your work, please make sure that the diagrams can be easily opened (word, power point, etc.). The written paper will be graded on the basis of quality, depth, clarity, format, research rigor, and relevancy to the course material.


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