Oberve model of the digestive system, Label all of the major organs...


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BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet
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Complete the following questions and submit your report. This document contains 3
pages. The total lab is worth 35 points.
Observe the following model of the digestive system. Label all of the major
1BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet
There are many online tools that allow you to calculate your BMI. Use one of
these tools to calculate your BMI.
Normal weight
BMI Values
Less than 18.5
Over 29.9
Fill in Your Information
Q: Based on this information, do you have a healthy weight?
Q: What are you planning to do in order to achieve a healthy weight?
Waist circumference
Determine your waist circumference by placing a measuring tape snugly around your
waist. It is a good indicator of your abdominal fat, which is another predictor of your risk
for developing risk factors for heart disease and other diseases. This risk increases with
a waist measurement of over 40 inches in men and over 35 inches in women.
Waist circumference
4. Calculate your BMR using online tools. Based on your BMR, calculate your daily
calorie needs.
Calories needed per day
2BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet
Q: How does your actual calorie intake compare to the recommended calorie intake?
a) It is higher.
b) It is lower.
c) They are roughly the same.
Q: If you have to adjust your calorie intake to the recommended value (based on the
website), what changes will you make in your diet?
Daily Food Tracking
Use an online tool that allows you to track your caloric intake. Monitor your diet for two
days, keep records of food type and total caloric intake. Print the pages and attach them
when you turn in your lab. Choosemyplate.gov is a government website that allows you
to track your diet, but you may use any online tool.
All packaged food contains a label describing nutritional values. Find your
favorite packaged food and read the label. Describe the label below and list all of the
information from the label.
Read the label of a multivitamin-multimineral dietary supplement pill. Pick a
vitamin or mineral of your choice. Describe its dietary benefits in two to three lines. List
a few different foods that naturally provide the supplement of your choice.
8. There are many different diet plans in the marketplace. Find three different diet
plans and discuss their pros and cons.
3BIOS140 iLab #6: Digestion and Nutrition Worksheet


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