Describe the three different types of bonds...


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1.Describe the three different types of bonds, providing examples of compounds (or interactions) formed through each type of bond. (3 points)
2.What is the difference between a monosaccharide, disaccharide, and a polysaccharide?
3. State three factors that can affect the observance of a particular enzyme in a test performance?
4.While working a part-time at a lab, the student is asked to grab a jar that contains carbohydrates. Two jars are on the counter, each labeled with their chemical formula. One is labeled C5H10O5, and the other is C3H9O3. (6 points)a. Which one is the carbohydrate? (1 point)b. What was the student’s decision based upon? (4 points)c. What type of sugar is it? (1 points)
5.Many commercial food products are sweetened with table sugar. What is the chemical composition (technical name) of the sugar in table sugar?
6.a. How are monosaccharides made from a disaccharide? (2 points) b. What is this reaction called? (1 points)
7.At home, the student is cooking with butter and lard. While the fats sit on the counter, it is noticed that the butter begins to melt, but the lard doesn’t. Based on what the student knows about fats, which product most likely contains the most hydrogen atoms? Provide an explanation for this....
8.Name two body structures that are composed of protein.
9.(Application) How might the information gained from this lab pertaining to biological molecules be useful to the student, or how can the student apply this knowledge to everyday life as a non-scientist?


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