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Q1. Describe how both growth and development depend on the cell cycle. How do these outcomes differ and how are they the same? Your description and explanation should include how genes and chromosomes are involved. Include citations in APA format with your answer.
Q2. The trillions of cells in your body originated with a fertilized egg. In order to develop and grow, the somatic cells experienced mitosis, while the gametes, specialized for reproduction, are the result of meiosis.
Two different processes of cell division, meiosis and mitosis, have evolved over time. Both of these are involved in cell division, but their results are distinctly different. Explain how the processes of meiosis and mitosis differ and how the outcomes are different. Offer an explanation why two different processes are needed. Include citations in APA format after your answer.
Q3. An organism’s phenotype is determined by its genotype. The genotype is inherited from its parents and the phenotype may be shaped by environmental influences. For example, an individual may have inherited genes that would lead to being taller than average. However, if the individual does not receive proper nourishment, then the influence of the genes may not be fully realized and the individual may be shorter than average.
Pick a trait that you can see in either a plant or animal. Explain how the alleles determine the phenotype for that trait and then describe how the environment might influence the phenotype. Please try to use a specific example that is not already explained. Include citations in APA format after your answer.
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