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For your final project you will be required to write a term paper. This paper should be 10 pages in length (not including references), 12 point font, times new roman, no greater than 1 inch margins, and double or spaced. You may include figures but your paper should be 10-15 pages NOT including the figures. You are required to find two main primary literature papers to base your term paper off. Primary literature papers do not include reviews. These papers may be complimenting or completely contrasting but either way you should be able to connect the two. The focus of these papers should be on the broad topic of cancer. You may focus on a specific cancer, such as breast or prostate, or perhaps the molecular mechanisms of a certain cancer, there are many options, it just really depends on what you are interested in. Please however stay away from epidemiology papers, or papers that are overtly clinical as our class has really focused on the molecular aspects of cancer. You certainly may use more than two papers, or a nice review to help with the background on your chosen topic because remember I will be reading a bunch of different papers on different topics so for your final paper I should get a nice introduction to your topic before you delve into your main papers.
Also I am not just looking for a summary of the two papers although that is a start. I would also like to see you comparing and contrasting the two papers and connecting them back to the topics we have covered in class. So again please keep that in mind, I am looking for more than just a summary. Basically I am looking for you to take the knowledge and background you have gained in the class and put that to work on some outside papers. Also, as I mentioned above while you will be primarily focused on two primary literature papers it is perfectly fine to include other primary or secondary sources to strengthen your paper.
I want this paper to focus on the molecular aspects of breast cancer. Remember to definitely use two primary literature papers (No reviews) but can use primary and secondary literature to strengthen the paper. Please check for plagarism and read the requirements for the paper.


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