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1. What is ionic resonance energy of ClF?
2. What is bond distance of HCl?
3. Order the element in increasing of length bond H2, H2+, H2-, H2-2?
4. Can BH3 has secondary resonance? Why?
5. Which is strongest Lewis Base? (give me the examples)
6. CO, N2, O2 are anit-bonding Homo or bonding Homo?
7. Write the order in increasing Lewis base for CO, N2, O2?
8. The point group of NH3 is C3v, write the irreducible representation then select the right Mulliken symbols?
9. Write the all possible planes of s, pxy, pxz, pyz and pz?
10. Give some compounds (examples) and work out which is Ionization isomerism, Linkage isomerism, Coordination isomerism and Hydration isomerism?
11. Using the selection rules choose the writ answer and the reason?
s?p or s?d (and there are other examples)
12. Using Jahn-Teller effect select if it’s No distortion, Elongation or Compression for some examples?
[V(H2O)6]2+, [Fe(H2O)6]2+, [Co(NH)6]3+
13. How many electron transfer of d0, d1, d2, d3, d4 (weak and strong field), d5 (weak and strong field), d6 (weak and strong field), d7 (weak and strong field), d8, d9, d10? Use Tanabe Sugano.
14. What is the reaction of
Ligand to metal
Metal to ligand
15. what is symmetry element and the point group of: (see the picture in the question 15 in ATTACH FILE)
16 - The 3A2g to 3T2g transition in the electronic spectrum of { Ni (NH3)6}2+ occurs at 10.700cm-1
a- Caculate the value of Dq for this complex?
b- predict the location of the 3A2g to 3T1g (F) band?
c- use your answer to part (b) to predict the location of 3A2g to 3T1g (P) band, Assume that B for [Ni(NH3)6]2+ is 75% of the free ion value.


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