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1.-----Determine the correlation between a problem-solving ability and programming proficiency, and how you would use each.
2.----Problem solving requires a combination of problem definition and decision making. Problem definition requires distinguishing between causes and symptoms. As you think about the definition of problems, you must keep looking for differences between causes and symptoms. Assess the implications of this distinction for programmers.
3.---Information system prototyping builds an experimental system quickly and inexpensively for demonstration and evaluation so that users can better determine information requirements. A preliminary model of a system or important parts of the system is built rapidly for users to experiment with. The prototype is then modified and refined. Discuss the endgame of modification and refinement of a prototype. Explain how you know when to stop the modification and refinement process of a prototype.
4.----The system development life cycle (SDLC) includes a set of activities that must be completed for any system development project. Explain whether or not all systems development projects use the SDLC. Determine whether or not you would recommend the SDLC as a CTO for all your organization’s technology projects. Justify your answer.
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