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1.----Operating systems can be designed to support a single user or multiple users. You can run software slowly in a batch of requests (“batch mode”) or in smaller and faster batches to simulate real-time transactions. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of processing. Identify what type of processing Windows uses and how you know.
2.------When using handheld devices, it is not the same as on a computer. Describe the similarities and differences in the operating systems between a handheld device and a desktop device with which you are familiar.
3.-----Genetic algorithms (adaptive computation) are a variety of problem-solving methods that are conceptually based on the method that living organisms use to adapt to their environment -- the process of evolution. From the e-Activity, describe the types of problems that genetic algorithms solve. Give your opinion about whether genetic algorithms should be used in computing. Explain your answer.
4.-----A linear programming algorithm requires that a single goal or objective be specified. The two general types of objectives are maximization and minimization. Describe how each of these can be used in computing. -


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