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Use the Case Study presented here to answer the questions in the attached file. Answers will be in the form of a list or short answers, as indicated in the questions. Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use. Your Final Assessment will be scored on the accuracy of your responses and whether you have appropriately tied your response to the Case Study. Responses that do not mention the Case Study will receive very few points, if any.
The Final Assessment is valued at 15 points (15%). There are 10 Final Assessment items. Each Final Assessment item is valued at 1.5 points.
Case Study
Unchained Melody U lmus Company (UMUC) is a business specializing in custom-built furniture, primarily dining room, coffee and end tables with outlets in Florida (FL), North Carolina (NC) and Massachusetts (MA). Donna Region, the owner, started the business in MA with a small shop in a Boston area rural community. She is also a professor of management courses at University of Maryland University College, but wanted to venture into the furniture business so she could apply her knowledge from academia to her operations. In response to the popularity of her products and the increased demand for unique furniture solutions, she expanded her customer base by opening a second MA location in Cambridge. Donna also recently opened another furniture store in Miami due to the potential for an increase in business in a city well known for trendy purchases.
Her furniture supplier, Bissell’s Furniture, is located in NC and during a business visit, she became aware of an opportunity to acquire a small furniture store that also does business with her supplier. Using profits from her MA operations, she acquired this Greensboro, NC outlet and retained the long-time, loyal, employees from that company.
Donna orders marble or glass as add-on options for the table tops. Marble is ordered from the Marmorea Marble Company in South Carolina (SC) and glass from Hyalo Glass Company in Kentucky (KY).
The Problem
Donna’s business is growing so fast that she is having difficulty in effective information tracking.
As an alternative to stocking marble and glass, UMUC orders the marble and glass when it receives the customers’ orders. So all of the furniture store locations need to know what furniture is available from Bissell’s Furniture and at what prices and dimensions. Since the glass and marble is cut at the manufacturing facilities in SC and KY, it must be custom ordered and shipped to the appropriate outlet location where it is combined with the piece of furniture that has been shipped to the store before the customer picks up the order. UMUC could save monies on shipping costs on both the furniture and marble/glass if orders could be combined for shipment to a specific outlet location or directly to the customer.
The Assignment
Donna feels that by integrating an information technology solution into her business that management of her operations could be greatly improved. You are a consultant and have been hired to provide her with some options can she can consider. Donna’s requirements are as follows
· She has asked for three different areas where IT could be applied and how each could benefit her operations.
· Donna wants to know, out the three areas you selected, which one you would choose to proceed with first. You will need to provide the reasoning and a clear justification for your recommendation.
· She requests assistance for some hardware and software recommendati ons that would be needed for her operations along wit h where electronic files for her business could be kept.
· In addition, she would like to know what steps would need to be taken for a successful implementation of your suggestions.


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