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This programming assignment requires you to write the pseudocode for a program that gets the radius and height of a cylinder from the user, and then calculates the volume of the cylinder by using the following formula
Volume = radius * radius * height * 3.1416
Once calculated, the volume of the cylinder is displayed to the user.
Please read the problem description carefully so that you know exactly what the program is supposed to do. Understanding the problem is part of the programming process. Follow the program requirements precisely. You may want to ask yourself the following questions about this problem
What input does the program need to get from the user?
How do I use the given input to calculate the volume of the cylinder?
What information needs to be displayed to the user after the calculations have been completed?
This is your first attempt at writing a program, so remember the following hints as you write your pseudocode
Every program needs to have a Main Module.
Consider breaking down the problem into smaller modules to make the solution easier, and use the Call statement to call those modules when needed.
Determine what variables will be needed, and use the Declare statement to declare all variables and their data types properly before they are used.
Once a variable is declared, use its name throughout the program exactly as it is declared.
Use the Input statement to get any input required from the user.
Use the Set statement to set values to variables.
Use the Write statement to display output to the user.


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