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You manage a B & B in Vail, Colorado, which has three 1 bedroom suites and two 2 bedroom suites. The 1 bedrooms rent for $200/day in season, and for $120/day during the off peak season. The 2 bedrooms lease at $350/day and $250/day, in season and off peak, respectively. Be sure to use functions, so that the number of bedrooms and prices can be changed.
Create an Excel spreadsheet that indicates the rental type, the number of units, the rental rates per day per unit type, the maximum revenue per day from each rental type, and the off peak discount rate.
Include a header that has been merged and centered titled B & B Rental Summary in blue and bold, and today’s date in italics on a second merged and centered line.. Highlight the 1 bedroom titles in red, and the 2 bedroom titles in blue. Fill the 1 bedroom figure with a lighter red 60% Accent 2 fill colour, and the 2 bedroom with a 40% Accent 1blue fill colour.
Set it to print in the Landscape orientation, and make sure that the gridlines will show.


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