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"does anyone want to write a 8 page paper and do 3 questions that need to be 2 pargrahes all of it needs to be finished be wed-5
Read the news online or in print for one week. Locate articles that might cover a broad range of topics-solving children's behavioral problems, laws relating to parents' employment benefits or to the rights of parents in the workplace, laws regarding who is recognized as a parent at times of divorce or death, etc. Describe what these articles tell you about parenting experiences at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Be sure to post your own original thoughts and respond to at least 4 other students' postings to earn full points.
Discussion Board Topic #2
Imagine you are a fifteen year old girl who becomes pregnant and wants to keep her child. Investigate the resources in your community that would enable you to keep he child, remain in school, get a job. Describe the services you found and discuss whether you think your community has adequate resources available. Be sure to tell readers where you live. Be sure to post your own original thoughts and respond to at least 4 other students' postings to earn full points.
Discussion Board Topic #3
It is often stated that ""parents today spend less time with their children than any previous generation"". Research this topic and discuss whether you believe this to be true or not. Be sure to back up your statements with the research you gained and tell us where that information came from (cite the source). Be sure to post your own original thoughts and respond to at least four other students' postings.
CFD 250 Parenting in Contemporary Society
Parenting Project Guidelines
Choose one of the following topics for this project
Interview Fathers
Locate and interview 3 males who have had a large role in raising children (biological, adopted, foster, step, grand, etc).
Be sure to interview at least one father in each of the following age groups
a. 20 to 40 years of age
b. 41 to 60 years of age
c. 61 + years of age
Research the role of fathers in raising young children using the textbook and/or other sources. Be sure to consult at least 5 separate professional sources. Write a brief review of your findings and cite sources appropriately.
Develop a list of 20 questions to ask the fathers. Ask numerous open ended questions (opinion rather than right or wrong) to encourage the fathers to engage in lively discussion about their roles, opinions, things they did right/wrong, how parenting has changed, advice to today’s fathers, etc. Questions may differ based on the age range of the father.
Keep a journal of their responses during the interview.
Write an 8-10 page reflection on what you learned and views expressed during the interview process and how this supports or fails to support what you found in the research. Be sure to also submit the review of findings mentioned in #3 above. Be sure to include a brief description of each father and their children (names, ages, family structure-roles within the family, jobs, etc).
Research the Cost of Raising a Child and Sending them to College Today
Research the cost of raising a child in America from conception to age 18.
Research the cost of sending a child through college to complete a bachelor’s degree.
Research the cost of raising a child with special medical needs or learning disability.
Write an 8-10 page paper on the costs of raising a child today.
Be sure to cite at least 10 professional sources using APA or MLA format."


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