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"1.------- elements of the Linear Optimization. Please define and discuss the important elements and why are they important? Additionally, discuss the tools involved in Linear Optimization. Since this is a graded assignment please provide reference citations for information.
2.------- MANAGING A PORTFOLIO------ A local bank wants to build a bond portfolio from a set of four bonds with $1 million available for investment. The expected annual return, the worst-case annual return on each bond, and the ""duration"" of each bondare given in the following table.(The duration of a bond is a measure of the bond's sensitivity to changes in the interest rates.)
Expected worst case
Return Return Duration
Bond 1 12.5% 8.0% 8
Bond 2 11.5% 7.5% 7
Bond 3 10.5% 6.8% 6
Bond 4 9.5% 7.0% 5
Bond 5 8.5% 7.4% 3
The bank wants to maximize the expected return from its bond investments, subject to three conditions.
1.---- The average worst-case return for the portfolio must be at least 7.2 percent.
2.--- The avereage duration of the portfolio must be at most 6.
3.---- Because of diversification requirements, at most 40 percent of the total amount invested can be invested in a single Bond.
A.---- What is the maximum return on the $ 1 million investment? How should the investment be distributed among the bonds to achieve this return?(Assume that bonds can be purchased in fractional amounts.)
B.----- What is the qualitative pattern in the optimal solution?
C.---What is the marginal rate of return on the investment amount? That is, what would be the percentage return on an additinal dollar invested?(Give the percentage to four significant figures.)"


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