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CFD 250 Parenting in Contemporary Society
Fall 2011
Chapter 5 Assignment
1. What major factors influence a person’s decision to become a parent?
2. Is first-time parenthood a crisis experience for many adults?
3. How does first-time parenthood affect a couple’s committed relationship?
4. What other factors may influence someone’s adjustment to becoming a parent.
5. What new medical technologies assist people with reproductive difficulties in becoming parents?
6. What major factors and issues relate to adopting children?
7. What are the different types of adoption? Should adopted children be informed of their birth circumstances?
8. What is foster care?
9. Why are children placed into the foster care system?
10. What are some of the characteristics of foster children?
11. What are foster parents like, and why does someone become a foster parent?
12. What particular challenges face foster parents?
13. What are some outcomes for foster children?
14. What can be done to improve the foster care system?
15. What kinds of support are available for new parents?

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