Critical Pedagogy for Social Change: What is the Role of a Teacher?


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Critical pedagogy is a process that teachers use to look at educational practices and determine how equitable and effective they are. Critical pedagogy requires teachers to recognize their importance as agents of social change. Teachers who employ critical pedagogy are independent thinkers who make thoughtful decisions based on fact, experience, and personal reflection.
During the videos take note of following topics/themes as they will inform your response
Critical pedagogy
Freire’s love of people
Freire and people who believe in the future
Horton’s definition of official education
Horton’s theory on how to create social change
Horton’s view on a new perspective
Role of art/music
Democracy defined
Address at least three of the points above using the readings and videos to support your response.
Guided Response: Investigate at least two of your classmates’ responses. Discuss with them your commonalities in your responses and highlight the differences that you both present. Next try to build from those differences. As we see in the Horton & Freire (2000) text, discussing differences helps to create more knowledge and ultimately that new understanding can reinforce one’s own knowledge base. Thus, try to achieve this same kind of discourse with your classmates.
Paulo freire -an incredible conversation
Paulo Freire Documentary Seeing Through Paulo's Glasses: Political Clarity, Courage and Humility
Myles Horton - Radical Hillbilly


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