A core set of values and methods ">
Social Pshycology


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"Write a paper of approximately 200–400 words (do not exceed word count) that addresses three of the following components
A core set of values and methods that underlies the practice of science. Briefly describe four of the core values shared by scientists.
Describe three basic components of evolution.
What is the difference between systematic observation and naturalistic observation?
Describe two possible disadvantages of using the survey method.
What are the most important and most basic aspects of an experiment?
Format your paper using West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
Include a minimum of one source (either a peer-reviewed study from the University library,your class by KingCoupon"" href=""https://prod.campuscruiser.com/PageServlet?pg=classes_myAssignments&tg=CW-StuAssignmentDetail&assignmentId=5999682&cx=22.183-23.2355371#"" rel=""nofollow"">TEXTBOOK, or both).
Be sure to use proper APA format for the reference page as well as in-text citations.
Internet sites are not acceptable for this assignment."


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