Psychological Well Being: How to Be Sane in an Insane World PSY-110HA-CL06 ANYONE WILLING TO WRITE PAPER???


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Students shall locate one source of popular psychology (i.e., pop psychology) and one source of empirical research. Sources of pop psychology include television shows (e.g., Dr. Phil video clip on YouTube) or internet sources (e.g., blogs or news snippets). Empirical research should come from a literature search in PsycINFO. Students are to critique the merit of the information using critical thinking concepts and standards. Critiques should address several questions. Click here to view these questions.
Click Compare and Contrast Critique Guidelines and Rubric for further details.
Remember, the empirical source must come from your PsycINFO search. As a reminder, click here to download the Basic Tutorial for PsycINFO to assist you in your search.
Submit the Compare and Contrast Critique to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)
Compare and Contrast Critique Questions
1. What is the question or issue addressed?
2. Who is asking this question?
3. What data and facts are used to support the assertion? Where do these data and facts come from?
4. Be sure to provide a link or a source the non-empirical reference as well!
5. What inference is reached based on these data? Do these data, in fact, support the claim being made?
6. Are there other points of view or ways of explaining the results or assertion made?
7. Is this a reliable source of information based on your analysis?


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