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On the basis of the vignette you read, respond to the following
Describe the techniques used in criminal profiling and report on the accuracy of offender's profiles.
Indicate whether the offender's description is admissible in court. Your answer should target criminal profiling of serial rapists.
Discuss the role of forensic hypnosis in helping the victim recall repressed memories.
Cite research indicating the accuracy of hypnotically refreshed memories and the admissibility of a hypnotically refreshed memory into court.
Help Dr. Johnson offer the chief alternatives to assist the victim to identify possible suspects.
All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.
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By Saturday, September 6, 2014, post your responses to this Discussion Area.
Through Wednesday, September 10, 2014, respond to at least two of your classmates' posts. While responding, compare the similarities and differences between what you have constructed and what your classmates have.


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