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Directions: Provide a detailed and elaborate response to the question below. Your response should include an introduction, conclusion and at least four references. Your answer should be at least three pages in length.
Men’s and women’s magazines are honed to interest largely one or the other gender. They are designed to appeal almost exclusively to ways men and women differ from each other. Interestingly, they both provide nearly constant coverage of sex, albeit from quite different perspectives. Awareness of the differences between the portrayals requires reading examples of magazines written for the other gender. Therefore, this activity requires you to closely study sex articles in magazines written for the other sex. Men can read Cosmopolitan and Vogue or Women’s Day while women can read Maxim and GQ or Men’s Health. Bearing in mind that these articles were not written for you, reflect on how your own sex is being represented and how the material is different from what might appear in magazines written for you. Introduce the magazines and the articles you chose to read, discuss your thoughts on the accuracy, inaccuracies of the article from your perspective. How do you think articles like these influence sexual expectations, experiences, relationships etc.? Support your position.
Please answer 5 sentences in length
1. Explain why it is difficult to define the boundaries between normal and psychopathology in relation to sexual behaviors.
Including references and discussing the ‘real life’ application of these concepts will add depth and critical thinking to our discussion.
Review the Web resources in the lecture notes. Select at least three websites that you consider valuable. In a document that is at least one page in length, provide the following information.
1. Describe the site and its purpose.
2. How does it demonstrate credibility?
3. Explain how the information provided on the site may be beneficial to students and professionals.


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