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In this assignment, you will develop your Literature Review. Your Literature Review should be 6–8 pages in length. Using the Literature Review Scoring Guide and Chapter 2 Guide as a reference, write a paper in which you discuss five specific points
Describe the line of research of which the research project is meant to contribute.
Identify, describe, and evaluate the studies that support the research project's research problem, research question, and the significance of the study.
Identify, describe and evaluate the studies that present the theoretical framework for the study.
Identify, describe, and evaluate the studies supporting the research project's methodology and approach.
Support the appropriateness of the research project's instruments, measures, and/or methods used to collect data.
Before turning in your paper, submit it to the Turnitin Source Matching Tool and review any incidences where you have not properly given credit to the author of a source. For more information on using Turnitin, review the Turnitin Tutorials located in the Resources.
After you have made the necessary revisions, submit your paper to the assignment area for grading.
Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click on the linked resources for helpful writing information.
I have attached an assignment that I completed. And this assignment is the second part of the this assignment.


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