Developmental Psychology Final Exam


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This test is important I Need an A grade No matter what!
This is a comprehensive Final Exam. It covers all the assigned reading material listed on the Syllabus. All TCOs (1 through 12) are part of this exam.
There are three pages to this exam. Make sure you allocate your time so that you have time to answer all of the questions. Pages 1 and 2 have 25 multiple choice questions on each page (for a total of 50 multiple choice questions). Each question is worth 4 points each. Page 3 has four essay questions worth 25 points each. Make sure you leave plenty of time to answer these three questions. You can complete these pages in any order you wish.
Keep an eye on the remaining time and save your work often, because when the time limit is reached you will be exited from the exam. Students on timed Internet connections will also want to be careful to frequently save their work.
Please also note that during the exam time, copy, paste, and printing are disabled.
Because there are a number of essay questions to grade, scores on the exam won't be available for several days. An e-mail will be sent when grades have been posted.
Should you have a problem with the Final Exam, remember the Help Desk phone number: 800-594-2402.
Good luck!


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