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Please respond to the three discussion questions below. Write a response using information from your text and scholarly research articles to support your reasoning, opinions, and arguments. Each response should be approximately 200 words or more. When stating your answers, do NOT use the same examples that are given in the text. Include scholarly research to support your views.
1. How might companies minimize stress? Is the company responsible to manage employee stress? Why or why not? What strategies might companies use to help minimize stress? (Aamodt p. 582)-flex time, etc.
What do you find stressful about your job (or previous job if you are not currently employed)?
How do you personally handle job-related stress? Please locate an article that discusses coping skills (p. 580). Discuss these coping skills and how you might apply these skills to minimize your own job-related stress.
2, Work and family conflict is a vital issue in the workplace. How do you think the two are related? What should be the role of organizations in assisting families in work/family balance issues? Describe three organizational initiatives your company could implement to reduce work and family conflicts.
3. Select one of the current trends that impact human resource management in the 21st century. (i.e. workplace diversity, globalization, changing employment relationships, non-traditional work schedules, ethics/standards). Provide an example of how an industrial-organizational psychologist may support and embrace this trend when working with clients. Discuss the potential impact within the workplace.


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