Behaviour and Environment


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Assignment Brief
Write a report (no more than 800 words) outlining the nature and context of a local environmental problem (focusing on the human­environment interaction).
1. Define the problem, giving a broad description of the setting/context? Aim: to produce a succinct problem statement summarising your chosen problem and its context. The specific local environmental problem is open to your choosing. Keep in mind, to you, that is, something that is relevant to the community in which you interact. This may or may not be your particular local neighbourhood, but wherever it is, for ease of researching the problem, it should be easily accessible and personally relevant.
2. Identify who is most impacted by the problem (identify relevant stakeholders)? Aim: to identify who is most at stake within the problem area you have identified. This should reflect the different groups of people who most use or engage with the setting in which the problem arises, and/or who the problem most affects.
3. Describe and evaluate the most relevant or most important issues that would need to be considered in implementing any solutions to the problem?
to critically evaluate several key elements of the problem area, concentrating on (a) The physical nature of the problem (such as availability of services or resources) and (b) The psychological/social nature of the problem (such as how different levels of awareness, and different worldviews of the stakeholders may interact and impact –or be impacted by– the situation)


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