QNT 351 Week 1 Complete Quantitative Analysis for Business


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QNT 351 Week 1
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ1
Where would you see descriptive statistics used in your work place?
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ2
How would you define dependent and independent variables? What is their significance in research? Explain with examples.
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ3
Develop five demographic questions to measure gender, age, years of experience, level of education, and ethnicity. Identify the level of measurement used for each
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ4
How would you define a variable? What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable? Do you think both variables are used in every research? Explain why or why not. Provide examples.
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ5
What is the importance of statistics in business decision making? Describe a business situation where statistics was used in making a decision.
QNT 351 Week 1 DQ6
What are the four data measurement scales? Provide two examples and explain the importance of each in business research.
· QNT/351 Week 1 Individual Assignment: Statistics in Business


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