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Discussion Questions 1
After completing the CITI course on the Protection of Human Participants in Research, discuss the protections that you will incorporate into your proposed research to ensure the ethical treatment of human participants.
Discussion Question 2
Sampling & Generalizability
For this discussion refer to the article you found in the Capella Library. The article should be a research report on a quantitative research study in a topic area of interest to you. Use the Article Analysis Worksheet to prepare for this discussion. Briefly summarize the article (1–2 paragraphs). Identify the following aspects of the study
Target population.
Sampling procedure.
Sample characteristics.
Cognitive processing and PTSD of Veterans from Iraq and Afganistan
Discussion Question 3
Using the information in Chapter 6 of the text, review measures in your area of interest in the Mental Measurements Yearbook database in the Capella Library. Select 2–3 measures that would be appropriate for your research proposal. Briefly describe each measure and discuss the reported reliability and validity.
Ethically research and Alzheimer’s disease is the my research proposal


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