Ethics 11 Movies


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Film analysis of FOUR movies as you feel pose a particularly controversial ethical dilemmas. Each film analysis should be at least one page in length. The following movies have particularly interesting ethical dilemmas
Shallow Hal, (2001)
John Q, (2002)
Schindler’s List, (1993)
The Life of David Gale, (2003)
Crimes and Misdemeanors, (1989)
Crimson Tide, (1995)
The Insider, (1999)
Hotel Rwanda, (2004)
The Truman Show, (1998)
Any of the movies mentioned in the thought questions
On the Internet, look up ethical dilemmas that are current today. Write a one to one and half page essay on the ethical issues. Your essay should include
a brief synopsis of the article and its ethical issue
your personal reaction to the ethical issue posed
your stance on the ethical issue posed pro or con
each critique should be at least one to one and half typed written pages, and the link to the article should accompany your essay. The assignment is worth 25 points and should follow the criteria and formatting ucritiques.sed for your mandatory


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