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Symptom Severity and Functional Impairment
How severe are a client’s symptoms and how do they impact a client’s functioning? Consider the case of Sami in this week’s Introduction. Sami’s experiences during driving had grown to the point to which she feared having a panic attack behind the wheel and was apprehensive about driving at all. How might a clinician evaluate these symptoms and incorporate the results into the development of a treatment plan?
For this Assignment, you evaluate and select an appropriate test to measure symptom severity as well as functioning and apply it to your virtual client.
The Assignment (4–5 pages)
· Select two tests of symptom severity (one must be a mental status examination) and two tests of functional impairment from the Mental Measurements Yearbook. (Select from the list below and see attachments to find the tests).
· Complete a comparative analysis of the tests and select one of each test (symptom severity and functional impairment) which is most appropriate for your virtual client and explain why.
· Justify your selection.
· Explain one limitation of the two tests you selected and explain why they are limitations.
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources.
Mental Measurements Yearbook
List of Tests attached below: (Please select from the following)
Test: Beck, A. T., Steer, R. A., & Brown, G. (1996). Beck depression inventory-II.
Test: Reynolds, W. M., & Kobak, K. (1995). Hamilton depression inventory.
Test: Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. (1993). Beck anxiety inventory [1993 Edition].
Test: Reynolds, W. (2008). Reynolds adolescent depression scale—2nd edition: Short form.
Test: Reynolds, W. M., & Kobak, K. (1998). Reynolds depression screening inventory.
Test: Novaco, R. (2003). Novaco anger scale and provocation inventory.
Test: Derogatis, L. (2001). Brief symptom inventory 18.
Test: Brown, T. (2001). Brown attention-deficit disorder scales for children and adolescents.
Test: Brown, T. (1996). Brown attention-deficit disorder scales.
Test: Cullum, C., Weiner, M. F., & Saine, K. (2009). Texas functional living scale.
Test: Sparrow, S. S., Cicchetti, D. V., & Balla, D. (2008). Vineland adaptive behavior scales, second edition.
Test: Conners, C. (2008). Conners comprehensive behavior rating scales.
Test: Piers, E. V., Herzberg, D. S., & Harris, D. (2002). Piers-Harris children's self-concept scale, second edition (The way I feel about myself).


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