1. King would agree with which of the following claims about Communism? (Points: 1) It is a satisfactory...


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1. King would agree with which of the following claims about Communism? (Points: 1) It is a satisfactory ideology for non-violent movements
The tenets of Communism are alien to those of non-violence
Communist leaders in his movement were important in changing society
The Russian Communist leaders were evil people
None of the above
Question 2. 2. Singer claims which of the following about ethics? (Points: 1) One must think only of oneself
Ethics can only exist in a religious framework
One must learn to think from the position of others
Ethics are relative
None of the above
Question 3. 3. Zizek defines ideology as: (Points: 1) What the Russians did under Communism
A creation of those in power
The wrong way of perceiving reality
Found in a dumpsite
None of the above
Question 4. 4. Zizek defines disavowal as: (Points: 1) Necessary to change the way we exploit the resources of the earth
The impetus that will lead humans to a higher form
The tendency to not do anything even when one knows one should
a and b
b and c
Question 5. 5. King claims that the following are things that must occur before he will stop leading his revolution: (Points: 1) There must be absolutely equal and unhampered voting rights for African-Americans
The end of police brutality in the South
There must be some action with a view towards poverty
All of the above
a and b
Question 6. 6. Zizek claims that humans tend to do this when something horrible or catastrophic happens. (Points: 1) They turn their backs on God
They reinterpret these events to give them meaning
They seek the truth in order to understand what happened
They see the world as being evil
None of the above
Question 7. 7. Zizek claims that love is: (Points: 1) Accepting something for what it is in its true being
Making someone better
Seeing imperfection in perfection
None of the above
Question 8. 8. Zizek would agree most with which of the following statements about ecology? (Points: 1) Humans are disturbing the primordial harmony of nature.
Humans ought to change their actions
Nature is the unfathomable mother of humanity
Nature is a dangerous entity that is the result of numerous catastrophes
None of the above
Question 9. 9. Singer claims that the meaning of life is found in this: (Points: 1) Attaching oneself to significant issues and making life a little bit better than it would be without you.
Focusing on gaining as much power as possible
One’s religious faith
Family and friends
All of the above
Question 10. 10. Singer uses this example to illustrate his ideas about helping others. (Points: 1) A child standing next to a fire
A child drowning in a shallow pond
A runaway trolley car
Animals being equal
None of the above


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