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"The template ofr case study needs to be filled in and questions answered. Document Preview: UltraLight Aircraft, Inc.A Capital Budgeting Decision ""She’s incredible, Michael – a real beauty!” Sonya Miller, founder and majority stockholder of UltraLight Aircraft, Inc., has high praise for her production manager, Michael Jamison, regarding a prototype of the company’s latest aircraft, the SilkStream. Ultralight airplanes are typically constructed from aluminum alloy tubes, chromalloy steel, and stainless steel rivets. These items are assembled to form a skeleton to which a wing and an engine are attached. The single-seat planes weigh less than 250 pounds and are designed for one person. The maximum fuel capacity is 5 gallons and the planes have a top speed of 64 miles per hour. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) restricts flying to daylight hours and over unpopulated areas. The pilot does not have to have a license to fly and the activity is considered recreational.With the financial backing of her parents, Sonya founded UltraLight Aircraft in 2003, two short years after flying her first ultralight aircraft. Beginning with three employees and working out of a 1920s red brick warehouse in Tupelo, Mississippi, Sonya began the business with little experience, money, or managerial training. However, the company became profitable in its second year of operations and, through an effective web site and advertising campaign, has established a reputation as a manufacturer of safe, dependable micro-airplanes.Sonya met Michael Jamison at an ultralight aircraft show in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2001. Both developed a love for the sport and frequently flew on weekends together. When Sonya founded her company in 2003, she hired Michael to be the production manager due to his background in mechanical engineering and his love of flying ultralight aircraft. Michael quickly developed a production plan, questioned other manufacturers about their best practices, hired a couple of workers, and began producing a limited number of ultralight planes. Today, the... Attachments: UltraLight-Ai....docx UltraLight-Ai....xlsx"


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