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I will require the person to log into my student account on the perdisco account at and complete the previousmentioned test by clicking on “Part 2: Online assignments” and subsequently, “Assignment 2: NPV and other investment criteria”… The test consists of 12 questions, and I have been told that it can be completed in under 20 minutes if you are familiar/seasoned with the subject.The test questions are essentially always the same – they only change the values and I have attached a copy of these questions. I am doing another assignment at the moment (also due today) so I cannot attend to it. Please help!! Due very shortly… Document Preview: Top of Form Capital budgeting scenario - Introduction This is an assignment and the outcome of your attempt will be assessed towards your performance in this course. This assignment is a scenario and continues over multiple pages. You will receive feedback on your answers after submitting each page. You cannot go backwards once you have submitted any page. If you would like to answer the questions offline, print the page and then bookmark it to be returned to your e-workbook home page. Please note that any answers you have entered on a bookmarked page will not be kept with your bookmark. You cannot print all of this assignment at once because each question builds on the ones before it. If you bookmark any page of this assignment, you must return to your assignment and submit the assignment in full before its end date. You will know that your answers are stored to the database and that you have finished the assignment when you see this message displayed: 'You have finished the assignment'. Please review this page carefully because it is an important introduction to this scenario. When you are ready to begin, click start question 1. You are the project manager of a manufacturing company. You have just been given the following internal memo about potential projects from senior management. As project manager you must decide which project will be most profitable for the company. There are a few different possibilities and you will explore these possibilities over the next four questions before making your decision in question five. INTERNAL MEMO Wednesday 7 September 2011 Freeport Manufacturing ATTENTION: Project manager RE: Details regarding possible future projects Senior management requires your expertise to determine how to proceed on the following projects. Assume all cash inflows occur at the end of each year. Project 1 Project 2 Floor space required 1,000m2 1,500m2 Project initial cost $283,425 $322,426 Yearly cash inflows $225,469... Attachments: Assignment-2-....doc


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