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"I need assistance with calculating questions 27 and 31 - 36 Document Preview: FIN300 – Exam #1 1 TRUE / FALSE Forms of organization 1. A disadvantage of the corporate form of organization is that corporate stockholders are more exposed to personal liabilities in the event of bankruptcy than are investors in a typical partnership. a. True b. False 2. It is generally harder to transfer one’s ownership interest in a partnership than in a corporation. a. True b. False Intrinsic values 3. In order to maximize its shareholders' value, a firm's management must attempt to maximize the stock price in the long run, or the stock's ""intrinsic value"". a. True b. False Financial institutions 4. Financial institutions are more diversified today than they were in the past, when federal laws kept investment banking houses, commercial banks, insurance companies, and so on quite separate. Today the larger financial corporations offer a variety of services, ranging from checking accounts, to insurance, to underwriting securities, to stock brokerages. a. True b. False 5. Hedge funds are somewhat similar to mutual funds. The primary differences are that hedge funds are less highly regulated, have more flexibility regarding what they can buy, and restrict their investors to wealthy, sophisticated individuals and institutions. a. True b. False Stock market 6. If you decide to buy 100 shares of Google, you would probably do so by calling your broker and asking him or her to execute the trade for you. This would be defined as a secondary market transaction, not a primary market transaction. a. True b. False Public company 7. A publicly owned corporation is a company whose shares are held by the investing public, which may include other corporations as well as institutional investors. a. True b. False Stock market returns 8. The annual rate of return on any given stock can be found as the stock's dividend for the year plus the change in the stock's price during the year, divided by its... Attachments: Take-Home-Exa....doc"


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