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Please ensure all answers are correct! CFIN 601 - Corporate Finance Comprehensive Individual Assignment Section 1: Multiple Choice (30 Document Preview: CFIN 601 - Corporate Finance Comprehensive Individual Assignment Section 1: Multiple Choice (30 questions
30 marks). Select the best alternative for each of the following statements. 1. Deciding whether or not to open a new store is part of the process known as: A) Capital budgeting. B) Credit management. C) Capital structure. D) Cash management. E) Working capital management. 2. . The total market value of the firm's equity is determined by _______________. A) the corporate treasurer B) the firm's financial manager C) the firm's stakeholders D) the firm's stockholders E) regulatory authorities 3. Which of the following are disadvantages of the partnership form of ownership? A) Personal liability and double taxation B) Personal liability and limited firm life C) Double taxation and limited firm life D) Ease of formation and unlimited firm life E) Ease of formation and ease of ownership transfer 4. Which of the following is generally true regarding liquidity as it relates to the firm? A) Liquidity is detrimental to a firm because it allows the firm to pay its bills more easily, thereby avoiding financial distress B) Liquidity is valuable to a firm because liquid assets can be sold quickly without much loss in value C) Liquidity is valuable to a firm because a firm can borrow money using its liquid assets, such as a warehouse, as collateral D) Assets are generally listed on a firm's balance sheet in the order of increasing liquidity E) Liquid assets generally earn a large return, especially in comparison to illiquid assets 5. An income statement _____________________. A) measures performance as a snapshot on a specific date B) prepared according to GAAP, will show revenue when it accrues C) excludes accrued taxes payable D) includes expenses only when they are ultimately paid off in cash E) is an accurate representation of a firm's net cash flows 6. Suppose you have the 2003 income... Attachments: Final-Assignm....doc


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