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this needs to be done in excel Document Preview: Understanding graphs and logarithms The aim of this activity is that you improve your understanding of what a logarithm is and why people use it, and also deepen your understanding of interpreting graphs. The activity is based on an episode of the television series NUMB3RS, which has been shown in the US for some years, but which is currently only available on ITV3 here in the UK. It is based on the exploits of a cop who is also very good at mathematics. NUMB3RS Activity: The Graph Tells the Story In “Backscatter” Don and his team bust a group of Internet hackers associated with the Russian mob. The mob retaliates, and Charlie must help solve the Internet scheme before the situation worsens. Charlie uses a technique called backscatter analysis to help track the flow of distribution of an Internet attack. Charlie uses the analysis to figure out the prevalence of denial-of-service attacks in the Internet. He gathers data to assess the number, duration, and focus of attacks, and to characterize their behaviour. The process is very complicated. Suppose that Charlie has finally produced two graphs shown below and needs to interpret them. The list of attacks on Don’s Internet provider over the course of one week is first sorted into increasing order according to the length of time or duration of each attack. The first graph shows the cumulative distribution of these attack durations. The second graph shows the probability density of attack durations for Don’s Internet provider over the course of one week. [Source:] 1. Describe the units on the x-axis. Explain how Charlie can use three different units to label the same scale. (This scale is called a logarithmic scale. For more information about logarithmic scales, see the Extensions page.) 2. Explain the units on the y-axis. Why do you think the units are written in this way? (This scale is also a logarithmic scale.) 3. According... Attachments: homework.docx May 01 2011 03:08 PM


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