Principles of Financial Markets


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Choose two (2) companies in the same industry and work on the criterion mentioned below: a) Business Overview b) Risk c) Short Term Financial Policies of the business d) Current Capital Structure e) Current Dividend Policy Recommendations References 1) Students need to clearly show the theoretical understanding of the above stated issues, defining them and using references where required. 2) Further, students need to relate the theory to the companies selected by analysing the data and the stating as to how the companies are managing their Risk, Short Term Financial Policy, Current Capital Structure and their Current Dividend Policy. Note: Students would be assessed as follows: 1 Business Overview 5 Marks 2 (Criterion: A, B, C, D, E) - Theory 5 Marks 3 (Criterion: A, B, C, D, E) – Theory related to companies and analysis 5 Marks 4 Recommendations 2.5 Marks 5 Harvard Reference 2.5 Marks TOTAL 20 Marks Document Preview: 1 Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 1 Citation and Referencing A Brief Guide for Students Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 2 Citation = Referencing Citation and Referencing is about acknowledging all sources of information used in an assignment Accurate and clear Citation and Referencing adds value to assignment Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 3 Why we cite/reference Strengthens academic writing Provides evidence and support for your argument Demonstrates breadth of reading and critical analysis Personal and professional credibility Courtesy i.e. gives credit to other writers Protects students from charges of plagiarism Enables reader to identify and locate sources Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 4 What we cite/reference Directly quote a phrase, sentence or section of somebody else's work Paraphrase from any source Express an opinion based on analysis or information synthesised by another person Use information that someone else has quoted from a third party Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 5 Referencing There are two inter-related components to referencing In-text Citation (abbreviated source listed within the business report/assignment) References (where we list full source at the end of the assignment/business report) Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 6 Author-Date Citation Citation within body of assignment Author’s surname e.g. Chan Year of publication, e.g. 2010 Relevant page number (s), e.g. p. 65 = (Chan, 2010, p. 65) 2 Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 7 In-text citation = author/date In-text citation Two authors = (Chan & Wang, 2010) Three or more authors = (Chang et al, 2010) et al means ‘others’ No need for initials or first names in in-text citation Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 8 In-Text Citation and Referencing All in-text citations are written in full in the References List (at end of the assignment) Everything in the References section must refer to an earlier in-text citation Dr D J Gleeson, 2010 9 In-Text Citation and Referencing of a book In-text citation (Rodby & Winterowd, 2005, pp: 6-12) or Rodby and Winterowd (2005, pp:6-12). Full... Attachments: HA1022--Assig....docx HA1022-Princi....doc Citation---Re....pdf Sep 18 2014 01:45 PM


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