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Quatitative & finance institutionhelp Document Preview: What cash flows are relevant to the value of stock? Why the Fed was initially established? Suppose a firm’s stock has a beta of 1.2. What will probably happen to the value of the stock if the market decreases by 20 percent? Describe the likely consequences for GDP growth when the FOMC directs the trading desk at the New York Fed to sell Treasury securities. Explain how STRIPs can be used to immunize portfolios against interest rate risk. Why must the balance of payments always balance? Why might consumer groups support government policies that maintain a “strong” U.S. dollar? What are the four types of secondary markets? What are the tax advantages of qualified private pension plans? Why are life insurance and life annuities often described as opposites? What are the largest asset categories on a life insurance company balance sheet? If you had a 6 percent, $100,000, 15-year mortgage and you paid it as scheduled, how much interest would you pay in the first month of the sixth year on that mortgage? How much principal would you pay? MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS Which of the following is not an example of capital market securities? common stocks convertible bonds commercial paper mortgages In a board of director’s election for five directors and straight voting, a majority group of shareholders will elect four directors. five directors. four or five depending on how the cumulative voters vote. the same proportional share of directors as their ownership share. Security exchanges provide a valuable function in that they create interest in stocks. increase the marketability of securities. provide a legal way to gamble. supply money to deficit spending units. both a and d Which of the following is not true about American Depository Receipts (ADRs)? ADRs are claims issued by U.S. financial intermediaries (FIs) against shares in foreign companies, with the shares held in custody by the... Attachments: hw-5.doc Apr 26 2013 01:17 PM


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