Analysis Problem—Analyzing with ANOVA


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Calculate a two-way ANOVA for the following situation. Suppose you are a school psychologist in a classroom setting and you want to find the effect that five teaching styles have on three types of learning activities with respect to knowledge gained. Answer the following questions: What are the independent variables, and what are the dependent variables? What would be an appropriate null hypothesis? What is the research design? What is the measurement instrument? What are the f values using the following data? What conclusions can you draw from the results? Source Sum of Squares (degrees of freedom (df)) Mean Square F Significance (p) Teaching Style (A) 1452.76 ? ? ? Signif? Learning Activity (B) 609.20 ? ? ? Signif? Teaching style*Learning Activity (AxB) 1638.89 ? (dfA x dfB) ? ? Signif? Error (Within) 402.44 ? (dftotal – dfA– dfB -dfAxB) ? - - Total ? 49 (N – 1) - - - Please Note: The table that you see in the assignment has been slightly modified from the one presented in the module notes since it is beyond the scope of this unit to have students calculate p values. Instead you are asked to calculate the F value and compare it to the critical F value to determine whether the test is significant or not. Aug 12 2011 03:58 PM


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