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Problems are attached andsolutions need to be returned in excel the instructions are in the file. Document Preview: Please submit only ONE file for all homework assignments, …this may require copying and pasting to get everything into one document. If you submit any assignment that contains more than one file, it will be returned for a zero. Excel is the preferred format
label each tab with the problem number. For computational problems, you MUST show all work. 1-27. Assume you have used online service such as Orbitz or Travelocity to make an airline reservation. The following day you receive an e-mail containing a questionnaire asking you to rate the quality of the experience. Discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of using this form of questionnaire delivery. 1-38.If the manager at First City Bank surveys a sample of 100 customers to determine how many miles they live from the Bank, is the mean travel distance for this sample considered a parameter or a statistic? Explain. 1-44.Your manager has given you an Excel file that contains the names of the company’s 500 employees and has asked you to sample 50 employees from the list. You decide to take your sample as follows. First, you assign a random number to each employee using Excel’s random number function Rand (). Because the random number is volatile (it recalculates itself whenever you modify the file), you freeze the random numbers using the Copy-Past Special-Values feature. You then sort by random numbers in ascending order. Finally, you take the first 50 sorted employees as your sample. Does this approach constitute a statistical or a nonstatistical sample? 1-46.United Airlines established a discount airline named Ted. The managers were interested in determining how flyers using Ted rate the airline service. They plan to question a random sample of flyers from the November 12 flights between Denver and Fort Lauderdale. A total of 578 people were on the flights that day. United has a list of travelers together with their mailing addresses. Each traveler is given an identification number (here, from 001 to... Attachments: Week-1.docx Jan 10 2013 12:38 PM


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