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i need tables and graphsand500 wordsto answer the question no. 2 and no. 3 juest these question in page 3 . Document Preview: Introduction to Business Methods Project GuidanceVariables are at different levels of measurementNote that the variables are recorded at different levels of measurement therefore you need to understand what type of summary statistic is most relevant for a particular level of measurement. To give an example, there is no point in computing the mean and the variance for a particular business type that is coded 1, 2, 3 as you would not be able to attach any useful meaning to it.Summary statisticsThese are things like mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation and skewness. Go to your lecture notes, statistics textbooks, and anything useful you find on the internet. Frequency distributions and graphs should be used where you believe you can draw out the main characteristic of a particular variable. They are not relevant for every single variable you are analysing. You have to make a judgement. Missing values in the data setMost analyses in Excel can accommodate missing values. However, it is a good practice to run the analysis on the full set of data including the missing values, and on the set of data that excludes the missing values as a check. How to measure the size of the firmIf you have done some research, you will have realized that there are two commonly used measures for classifying firm size and that these are output and employment. You have both in the data set (turnover and number of employees) but you are more likely to use turnover as this has already been classified (grouped) in the data set.Note: SIZEOD is not a measure of firm size. It is a measure of the overdraft limit for the company. OutliersOutliers (i.e. data that lie outside the range of most observations) are a common feature of many data sets and can affect your analysis. There are several rules for defining an outlier, none being better than the other. A very simple way is to visualise the data graphically. If you have used a particular rule for defining an outlier, make sure you explain... Attachments: Project-2012-....docx Project-data-....xls May 07 2012 06:00 PM


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