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i want the assignment based on analysis of australian market and also comparision between past and current masrket with graphs. Document Preview: HA1022 Principles of Financial Markets T1 2012 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HA1022 Principles of Financial Markets Trimester 1 /2012 ASSESSMENT CASE STUDY Work must be carried out in groups of 4 people. The objective of this assignment is to assess the investment conditions in the Australian economy form Top Down Fundamental Analysis. Students should proceed to the Reserve Bank Website: here you can down load graphs of key economic indicators. Then using these graphs analyse the recent history of the Australian stock market and form a prediction as to the investment conditions in the current Australian stock market. The indicators must include the following: World Economy o GDP Growth World Australian GDP Growth and Inflation o Australian GDP Growth o Consumer Price Inflation Interest Rates o Australian Bond Yields Exchange Rates, Australian Dollar vs: o US Dollar, Euro and Yen You should be looking at these indicators and comparing them to what happened to the stock market shortly after. In your analysis include a definition and/or background information on each indicator that you are analysing. At the end of your report state your conclusion as to whether or not your analysis shows that current investment conditions in the Australian stock market are favourable. Group Report Required: Each group should prepare a report of no more than 10 pages outlining the above analysis and the selection of the resulting portfolio. Marks will be given for content not for length. Anything over 10 pages will not be marked. Resources available You should use the RBA website
this will give you easy access to graphs and reports on the Australian and world economies. You may also access additional information via the ‘Australian Financial Review’ newspaper or website,,... Attachments: HA1022-Princi....pdf May 23 2012 03:28 PM


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