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please make it proper and its a minor assignment......and draw a graph if need..... Document Preview: STATS1900Business Statistics Minor Assignment Date Due: Refer to Course Description Total Marks:25 Worth: 10% of final assessment This assignment requires a considerable amount of computer work and written comment. You may need to seek guidance from your tutor along the way. Do not leave things until too late. Each question carefully describes what you are required to do, so please follow these carefully. In this assignment, you will examine data from a health agency that is conducting an evaluation of all the hospitals in its region. The health agency wants to summarise the characteristics of the data and examine the number of admissions at each of these hospitals. The agency is particularly interested in a comparison of admissions with the type of control, the service provided and the number of beds inthe hospitals. The data collected is contained in a file called ‘hospitals(1).xls’and the columns of the file contain the following information: Column Name Description A Hospital Hospital Number B Control 1=non-federal government NFG 2=non-government, not-for-profit NGNFP 3=non-government, for-profit NGFP 4=federal government FG C Service 1=general medical 2=psychiatric D Beds Number of beds E Admissions Number of admissions F Personnel Number of employees Before you begin any analysis you must take a random sample of 140 hospitals from the 200 provided in the file hospitals(1).xls.Use the Random Sample Generator, imbedded in this file, to do this. Your answers to the assignment tasks below are to be based on your sample of 140 hospitals. Make sure you keep a safe copy of your sample, since you cannot use Random Sample Generator to reproduce the first sample, and we will use it again in the major assignment. To prepare your data file ready for analysis, you must take the following steps: Use the file Sample Generator in the data file hospitals(1).xlsto generate a random sample of 140 hospitals from the file. Copy your sample file... Attachments: STATS1900-Min....docx Nov 29 2011 03:42 AM


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