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Please see attachment. Thank you! Document Preview: Submit the following problem solutions and calculations from Statistics textbook. Submit in an Excel workbook with each problem on a separate tab labeled with the problem number: 1. 6.6, 6.7, 6.11, 6.12, 6.27, 6.63 2. 7.11, 7.47, 7.87 3. 8.5, 8.51 When submitting EXCEL spreadsheets, You MUST show how you got your answers. Not just a single number submitted in an EXCEL or WORD document. No credit will be given for answers that do not show how you got your answers. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6.6 Four candidates are running for mayor. The four candidates are: Adams, Brown, Collins, and Dalton. Determine the sample space of the results of the election. 6.7 Refer to exercise 6.6. Employing the subjective approach a political scientist has assigned the following probabilities: P (Adams wins)=.42 P (Brown wins)=.09 P(Collins wins)=.27 P(Dalton wins)=.22 6.11 Shoppers can pay for their purchases with cash, a credit card, or a debit card. Suppose that the proprietor or a shop determines that 60% of her customers use a credit card, 30% pay with cash, and the rest use a debit card. A. Determine the sample space for this experiment. B. Assign probabilities to the simple events. C. Which method did you use in part (B)? 6.12 Refer to exercise 6.11 A. What is the probability that a customer does not use a credit card? B. What is the probability that a customer pays in cash or with a credit card? 6.27 Discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and companies that discriminate are often sued. The female instructors at a large university recently lodged a complaint about the most recent round of promotions from assistant professor to associate professor. An analysis of the relationship between gender and promotion produced the following joint probabilities. Sex Promoted Not... Attachments: Lee-Stats-Hom....doc Apr 09 2013 02:45 PM


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