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I'm master student so I need it like a quit professional so please I don't need a lot stuff from the internet and if you use internet resources please put between bracket and I need all the references please .. And what I want it from this assignment is about ?? it's a big resort in a mountain region in Dubai it's called Hatta .. This is a new place that the truism discover it nowadays to visit in Dubai rather than the shopping malls and these popular staff.. So I want to say that we want to do big resort and small shopping center for the tourist and small unique hotel ideal to a mountain region .. and i want it between 20 to 30 pages thanks a lot Document Preview: Executive Summary For our destination we have taken Hatta, a location nearly 115 KMS from Dubai and we have planned to open a luxury resort with a small shopping mall inside. The endeavor will be to implement and monitor new promotion campaigns to attract more visitors and enrolments in the various packages and programs. Our location has many historical sites and recreational spots that cater to the wide range of tourists. However, the purpose of the study is to find out the ways to increase the tourists’ traffic manifold by adopting many new programs and thereby engaging the guests. Firstly, our resort’s strength on the basis of its eclectic mix of offerings have been analysed followed by the weaknesses. In spite of providing relatively cheaper holidaying option the region is facing some stiff competition from other international location because of lack of luxury full services resorts and hotels. The analysis has been supplemented by discussing the opportunities and the emerging trend in the tourism sector and how our resort can benefit from them. The other part of the report focuses on the Marketing strategy that we could adopt to turn our resort in to a destination attracting tourists from wider backgrounds and originations, especially those coming to Dubai. We can implement a mix of innovative and differentiating ways to attract visitors on regular basis throughout the year. Description of Product and services- We will be building a five star luxury resort “The Arabian Oasis” in Hatta, which is located at Hajar Mountains, 2-3 hrs drive from Dubai. The resort will have many revenue generating businesses. It will have Suites, deluxe rooms, Villas, Multi cuisine restaurants& bars, Sports and leisure facilities, Gymnasium and meeting and conference facilities. The offering will include a small shopping mall also. So, apart from income from Stay and restaurants business, the project will offer income from Sports, conference, Product laun Attachments: Marketing_-_F....doc Mar 12 2011 10:32 AM


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