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Which of the following statements is CORRECT? a. You think that investor sentiment is about to change, and investors are about to become more risk averse. This suggests that you should rebalance your portfolio to include more high-beta stocks. b. Suppose the returns on two stocks are negatively correlated. One has a beta of 1.2 as determined in a regression analysis using data for the last 5 years, while the other has a beta of %u22120.6. The returns on the stock with the negative beta must have been negatively correlated with returns on most other stocks during that 5-year period. c. Collections Inc. is in the business of collecting past-due accounts for other companies, i.e., it is a collection agency. Collections' revenues, profits, and stock price tend to rise during recessions. This suggests that Collections Inc.'s beta should be quite high, say 2.0, because it does so much better than most other companies when the economy is weak. d. If the market risk premium remains constant, but the risk-free rate declines, then the required returns on low-beta stocks will rise while those on high-beta stocks will decline. e. Suppose you are managing a stock portfolio, and you have information that leads you to believe the stock market is likely to be very strong in the immediate future. That is, you are convinced that the market is about to rise sharply. You should sell your high-beta stocks and buy low-beta stocks in order to take advantage of the expected market move. Jan 17 2014 08:36 AM


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