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1.From Ingersoll´s point of view, how does Torrington fit with the Tinkem Company? What are the expected synergies? 2.What is stand-alone value of Torrington to Ingersoll (without synergies)? Hints: •MRP=6%a.a.
•FCFt=EBITt*(1–TAX%)+Depreciationt–Changein WCt-Capext •Change in WCt=(WCt–WCt-1) •WCt=estimate based on Revenuet 3.Is it possible to support your previous DCF valuation with multiples valuation? Support your answer with numbers. 4.What is your with-synergies valuation of Torrington to Timken? 5.What is the value created (destroyed) to its shareholders if Timken pays Ingersoll a 20% premium to buy Torrington? Attachments: The-Tinken-Co....pdf Mar 19 2012 11:27 PM


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