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Question: Two types of vehicle use the university central bus station: Uni-link buses and National Express coaches. a) On average, a National Express coach arrives every two hours. What is the probability that only one bus will arrive in a four hour period? b)On the U1 Uni-link bus route, buses either go to the airport or to the docks. Other Uni-link routes do not go to the airport. At the bus station, half of the U1 buses which arrive are going to the airport. At midday, 10% of the Uni-link buses are full. Of these particular buses, 30% are airport buses on the U1 route. U1 buses make up 40% of the Uni-link arrivals at the bus station. What is the probability that a bus is full at midday, given that it is an Airport U1 bus? c) On average, a certain number, k, of National Express coaches go to Bournemouth every day. It is found that the probability of n coaches going to Bournemouth in a day is e^(-k) . What is n? May 16 2013 11:49 AM


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