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"Please note that you are required to support your views by citing your sources in all assignments. Even if the question asks for your opinion, you are still expected to support your opinion with references to published works and other materials. APA Format is necessary for your assignments when citing references, and assistance on how to do so is available using the APA Citation Center. •Choose Library from the top navigation bar. •Choose APA Citation Center from the left navigation bar. •Click Example Sources. •Scroll down and click APA Documentation. For more information on citing your sources, please click on ""About this Course"" link in the classroom. The data set for our course is a sample of a survey conducted on the population of the American Inmate Union (AIU). It is available via the following link: DataSet with DataSet Key which contains the following nine sections of data that will be used throughout our course: 1.Gender 2.Age 3.Type of Offense 4.Prison Facility 5.Length of Sentence 6.Criminal Justice System 7.Legal Services– Satisfaction with the actual performance of attorney 8.Sentence satisfaction- 9.Incarceration Services – Health, food, vocational training, etc. In each of the assignments in this course you will be dealing with the following scenario: American Inmates Union (AIU) has assembled a team of researchers in the United States and around the world to study inmates’ satisfaction with the criminal justice system. Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in this massive global undertaking. The study will require that you examine data, analyze the results, and share the results with groups of other researchers. Inmates’ Satisfaction is important to all criminal justice organizations large and small and understanding inmates’ concerns provides criminal justice management with insights into areas that can be modified used to strengthen the criminal justice system. In the first assignment you are to complete the following: You will need to examine two of the nine sections of data - one section of qualitative data (Gender, Position, etc.) and one section of quantitative data (Legal services Satisfaction, Sentence Satisfaction, etc.), from the provided data set through the link above. Each section should include all data points listed in the column for the variable. The requirements include identifying the data you selected, discussing why the data was selected and what was learned by examining these sets of data. Your analysis should include using Microsoft Excel to obtain information about the data through the use of three measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode) and the use of two measures of variability (standard deviation and variance). Some measures are appropriate for qualitative data and some are appropriate for quantitative data. If a measure is not applicable, then explain why. You will have to also provide one chart/graph for each of the results of the two processed sections of data (2 total), such as a pie or bar chart or a histogram. (A table is NOT a chart/graph.) Ensure that you label the chart/graph clearly. You will then need to discuss what you additionally learned from the results of this process. Explain why charts/graphs are important in conveying information in a visual format and why standard deviation and variation are important. You will need to combine all of the items above into one comprehensive report. The report should be well written and should flow well with no grammatical errors. It should include proper citation in APA formatting in both the in-text and reference pages and include a title page, be double-spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-point font. APA formatting is necessary to ensure academic honesty. Assignment Guidelines: · Examine one section of qualitative data (Gender, facility, etc.) and one section of quantitative data (Legal services Satisfaction, Sentence Satisfaction, etc.). · In a Word document, identify the data that you selected, discuss why the data was selected for the research, and explain what was learned from collecting the data. · Use Microsoft Excel to find the mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation of your two sets of data. Explain why you couldn't obtain them all for the qualitative data. · Create a chart or a graph for each field of data. Make sure you label the charts or graphs accordingly. · Discuss what you learned from creating the charts or graphs and explain why charts are important for conveying data. Compile all of the above information into a single, 3 page Word document. Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following: · A Word document that contains your selected data, responses to the discussion subtopics outlined in the Assignment Guidelines, and your properly labeled graphs/charts for the selected data. Grading: You will be graded on the accuracy of your statements, chart completion, and your adherence to the Assignment Guidelines Jul 18 2011 02:11 PM"


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