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there are 2 consulting report .. i attached these 2 papers of the questions and i added one more paper its about Rooftop Cinema briefing notes .. so you can use this information as well and also from their website .. and i need for the first consulting around 4 to 5 pages and for the second consulting 2 to 4 pages please .. its a rooftop cinema in Melbourne .. and please provide all the references with the report .. and please answer the points very well. thanks a lot Document Preview: Rooftop Cinema briefing notes.doc Author: Kate Westberg Save Date: 28/02/2011 Page 1 of 2 Rooftop Cinema is a unique entertainment experience that capitalises on the balmy summer months to showcase arthouse films against the spectacular backdrop of the Melbourne skyline. The cinema is located in the heart of the CBD, on the 6th floor of historic Curtin House on Swanston Street. The venue can accommodate 160 movie aficionados a night, from November until the end of March. Patrons relax in jaunty stripped deckchairs on a rooftop covered with synthetic grass, and can enjoy food and a refreshing beverage while waiting for the film to begin at dusk. This unique business opened in 2006 with the assistance of a small business grant from the City of Melbourne. In its first year of operation, Wallpaper magazine declared Rooftop Cinema to be the third coolest entertainment experience in the world. The venture was started by Barrie Barton, director of Australian creative studio, Right Angle, which produces city guides and entertainment experiences. The studio’s varied business pursuits cater to a target audience that is ‘sophisticated, energetic and curious – and unapologetically urban in every way.’ As Barton states, ‘We specialise in understanding a select group of people: the inner-urban audience. We think incessantly about their life. We’re obsessed by them and by what they do. Whatever creative ideas spin out of understanding that audience, we bring to life in any way that we can.’ Barton uses the term ‘inner-urban audience’ to refer to ‘those people who live in, go out in, or are culturally interested in the city centre. These people may differ in age, but express coherence in lifestyle behaviour and attitudes.’ The inspiration for Rooftop Cinema came from a concept in New York involving a travelling cinema screen that appears on different rooftops in Manhattan-patrons receive an email each week with a location and a film name. The unique experience of enjoying films... Attachments: Rooftop-Cinem....pdf Mar 16 2011 09:16 PM


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