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1. Suppose you invested $75 in the Ishares Dividend Stock Fund (DVY) a month ago. It paid a dividend of $0.50 today and and then you sold it for $70. What was your return on investment? 2. A portfolio can achieve diversification benefits if the stocks that compromise the portfolio are a. not perfectly correlated b. suseptible to common risks only c. perfectly correlated d. both b and c 3. Apple computer's stock price jumped when it announced that its revenue has increased because of the successful launce of iphone and the increases sales of Macintosh computers. This is an example of: a. market risk b. systematic risk c. unsystematic risk d. both a and c 4. EJH has a beta of 1.3, CSH has a beta of 0.7, and KMS has a beta of 1.2. If you put 23% of your money in EJH, 19% in CSH, and 58% in KMS, what is the beta of your portfolio? 5. your retirement portfolio comprises 200 shares of the S&P 500 fund (SPY) and 100 shares of ishares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG). The price of SPY is $130 and that of AGG is $105. If you expect the return on SPY to be 9%in the next year and the return on AGG to be 7%. What is the expected return for your retirement portfolio? 6. Diversification the risk of portfolio because______ and some of the risks are averaged out of the portfolio. a. stocks are unpredictible b. stocks do not move identically c. stocks are always effected by the market d. stocks have common risks Jan 10 2014 11:23 AM


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