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"Work: Final assignment: please see atatchments The best way to gauge how much work it will be would be to observe the two attachments I have sent. Those are sample finished products of the project. All that you would have to do is select a new target company and fill in the appropriate data into the model that is already given by the sample excel sheet. Due: 2 days strictly Budget: 25$ Document Preview: Your final assignment: You are an investment banker hired by Microsoft. Microsoft wants to expand into new markets and/or grow the customer base/sales or just acquire a company that has a great patents technology you believe can change the industry. You should find a target you believe will be a good fit to achieve these goals or one of the goals. You can focus on one goal or find a company that will cover all of the goals. The size is not important and it can be a company from any sector (though, I would advise you to focus on IT as it will be easier for you). Just make sure you have legitimate arguments and solid facts to back up your selection. The videos on advanced merger modeling are uploaded – You can log on to gmail : Id: hecon970 password: spring201 It should be under Documents go to “My collections” and open the “ADVANCED MODELING – FINAL ASSIGNMENT” folder at When you open it, you’ll find five sub-folders: You should watch videos in each except ""YAHOO! LBO Model"" (this is optional) and video on interview questions in the ""DEAL COMMENTARY & PITCHBOOK"". These videso are around 28-30 hours in length. I would advise you to first watch videos in the “DEAL COMMENTARY & PITCHBOOK” folder (total cca. 2 hours) to get an idea what you’ll have to do. Ideas presented in the videos will be helpful in selecting a target that would be a good fit. I decided to select Microsoft for the acquirer as it will be easy to follow the videos and will make your life less difficult (so this won’t be that hard as you may at first assume). My suggestion is to first select the target (after watching the videos in the “DEAL COMMENTARY & PITCHBOOK” folder as explained). Then my suggestion would be to watch the videos in other folders (YAHOO! OPERATIONG MODEL, YAHOO! VALUATION and YAHOO! MICROSOFT MERGER MODEL) and as you watch the videos work on the excel model as the model follows the videos. I think that is the best way to optimize your time -... Attachments: Final-assignm....docx 22-YHOO-Merge....xls 24-02-Sample-....pdf May 05 2011 05:14 PM"


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