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This is a single assignment, I named it assignment 8, 9 , 10 because they refer to different chapters! chapter 12.pdf refer to assignment 8 chapter 13.pdf refer to assignment 9 chapter 14.pdf refer to assignment 10 I want all the detailed work to be shown Document Preview: Module #8 Hand In Assignment The manufacturer of hard drives must ensure that the assembly machine is properly adjusted. The average head gap between the head and the hard drive must be .05 mm. Too small a distance could result in a head crash, too large a gap and the head will not be able to read the data. Quality control samples 49 of the units and discovers the average distance to be .0508 mm and the population standard deviation is .003 mm. Is there enough evidence at the 2% significance level to prove the distance is different from .05mm? Calculate the p value. The operations manager of Slug Computers is considering a new method of assembling its Mollusk Computer. The present method requires 42.3 minutes, on average to assemble the speedy computer. The new method was introduced and a random sample of 24 computers revealed a mean assembly time of 40.6 minutes with a standard deviation of 2.7 minutes, the distribution is normal. At the .10 level of significance, can we conclude the new method is faster, on average? Estimate the p value. The Sweatshop Computer Assembly plant claims the average age of its employees is 17. A sample of 12 employees was taken and the results are summarized below. 16 15 18 17 16 15 17 19 16 15 16 15 Using the .01 significance level is there enough evidence to conclude the average age is different from 17? (assume the distribution is normal) Find the P value. The department of motor vehicles reports that 52% of drivers text while driving.. A sample of 300 Vancouver drivers revealed that 170 were text while driving. At the .01 significance level can we conclude that more than 52% of the drivers in Vancouver text while driving? Find the p value. Module 9 Hand in Assignment You are considering buying a new mini-van and are trying to figure out what transmission to use. You obtain the following data (A=automatic, M= manual, L=lock torque converter)(consumption in... Attachments: assignment-.docx Chapter-12.pdf Chapter-13.pdf Chapter-14.pdf Jun 13 2014 06:34 PM


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